LTPD & Resources

I want to again mention that this is a personal website and is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by, or an extension of the Canadian Soccer Association, or its website. This site is simply meant to provide a place for coaches to come to share with one another, learn from each other, and assist those that are just beginning their coaching journey. Being an advocate for the game in Canada, I thought that it was very important to reference the material coming out from the technical department of Canada Soccer. I personally know some of those responsible for creating many of these new documents, such as the Tool kits, and trust in their work and respect their knowledge of our game. I believe it is important for those of us that care about growing the game in Canada, to support our governing body and work to be part of the change that I do believe is coming.

Canada Soccer’s Coaching Toolkits

In line with the Long Term Player Development model (LTPD), the Canadian Soccer Association has released its first three grassroots coaching toolkits. Each of these three toolkits offers age specific training principles and will give you enough material to begin your season. These toolkits should be the staring point for any coach involved with young players, especially if this is your first crack at coaching the young ones!

Currently, there are links for the first three stages of the LTPD;
Stage 1 - Active Start
Stage 2 - Fundamentals
Stage 3 - Learning to Train

Click on any of the images below to view the full toolkit.

Canada Soccer Pathway

The image to the right, Canada's Soccer Pathway, is for me one the most important illustrations released by Canada Soccer in recent times. This image identifies the player pathway to achieve whatever level a young athlete is after. For the elite player, the path to making a professional academy, a national team, and then a professional team is clearly outlined. This image also clearly points out the roles of coaches at the different levels of this pathway. This is not a comment on a coaches ability or credentials, but rather where they are currently working. Just as it is my job to promote our academy players to national team camps, and/or our first team, it should be the responsibility of every club coach to promote a player into a professional academy, HPL league, or REX centre. For the recreational player, this image also points out their journey and LTPD stages that they will progress through.