Periodization in Soccer

This page will be dedicated to Periodization in soccer fitness as well as Tactical Periodization.  Having worked for Harry Sinkgraven, I was immersed in the 6 week periodization model for football fitness as taught by Raymond Verheijen.  This program keys in on the bodies energy system and in particular teaches coaches on recovery and ideal training times that occur during supercompensation.  Most importantly, this program of building soccer specific fitness is all done with a ball at a players feet.  I am personally against spending any of my training time on having players run without a ball and this program will show you how to accomplish this.


Raymond Verheijen

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Mourinho on Periodization

"Have you ever seen a pianist run around his piano before sitting down to unleash a masterpiece? In our methodology we don't send them on laps around the pitch either"
“Training is worth it only when it lets you make your ideas and principles operational. Thus, the coach has to find exercises to guide his team to do what it is intended to do in the game.”

What is Tactical Periodization

Fitness Periodization Examples:

This section will contain examples of how coaches are using the 6 Week Periodization model with their teams. Thank you to the coaches who are willing to share their work to help the rest of learn. Click on any of the images below to open the example in a new window.

What are your coaching principles?

Have you really thought about how you see the game, in its four moments; offensive organization, Transition to Defending, Defensive Organization, and Transition to Offense? When in one of these four moments, how do you want your players to react? Below is a template you can print off and then fill out under each of the four moments who you see your team playing in that particular situation. On the left hand side is the template, and on the right hand is an example of what we came up with while brainstorming for the Academy. Once you have this template filled out, you will then see what topics you want presented at each training session.

Creating the FCE Academy Game Model

In the next column over, I have posted the game model that I have just built for the FC Edmonton Academy for this upcoming season. The model is based on the four moments of the game as discussed in the Tactical Periodization training model. This exercise was new to me, and I am certainly playing catch up, but this document will now serve as the foundation of which I will build our daily curriculum. Please feel free to have a look and if you catch anything in there that you question, please let me know! Click on the image to the right to see the full FC Edmonton Academy Game Model